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Richard Butler
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Re: OIS not used for stills exposures...

kenw wrote:

Originally reported by me here:


Basically in LV a Panasonic lens with an OIS switch can be turned on and OIS is in effect. However, when you actually click the shutter it appears the OIS is disabled or ineffective.

Reported to Olympus USA. They have responded and asked with lens I used (14-45) but I've not heard further from them as yet.

I've just done a series of tests with the 12-35mm F2.8 (the first Panasonic lens with an OIS switch that I could lay my hands on), and I'm getting better results with OIS on than off, every time.

I've tried changing the IS with half-press setting and I still get the same result. OIS produces consistently sharp shots at 1/13th, OIS off doesn't.

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