Where Are We in the B&H Order Queue

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Speaking of 'Queues'

The lines in the store are just as bad.

Short version: waited on 3 lines, suffered through frustrating procedures and refused to wait on a 4th line and left.

Wall of text version:

I was in the super store today. Someone on the floor at the computer dept. helped me and gave me a 'pre-order ticket' (he was very helpful and friendly, but had no idea the product I requested even existed, poor training).

I was about to go to another counter because I know that a specific department cannot pull items from other departments. But the friendly guy told me to wait in another line for them to bring up my monitor, I guess this was the post-pre-order line.

I asked the post-pre-order guy if I can go to another department while my item came up. He said no. Then we exchanged words about what a waste of time the guy on the floor was if I needed post-pre-order guy to help me anyway. His deal was basically tough nuggies. I'm sure I deserved it since I was rude. I'm not used to being told no when there's no obvious reason to wait for him, he wasn't giving someone CPR. On top of that, the monitor didn't even come up to him, "it's waiting for you downstairs." So I waited 5 minutes on post-pre-order guy for a USB stick to get dropped into a green bucket and get my order ticket.

Then I go to the other counter and that guy was also very nice and helpful, but a little clueless on current prices. I won't say poor training since prices change all the time and his area probably had 1,000 SKUs. He failed by not combining my 1st 'order' ticket with his 'order' ticket and not noticing. I pointed it out, someone else came by and couldn't combine the tickets either.

I go downstairs to pay knowing I'll have to sign twice since they couldn't combine the tickets. Not much of a line, but the 'next counter' sign isn't working. The cashier (3rd line, 5th person helping me) can't figure out why my order ticket isn't working. He asks me 3x if I have an Apple item. I keep saying no and wonder why that makes a difference anyway. He can't get my 1st order ticket to go through, he calls someone else over and at this point I say screw it, B&H is too big for their own good and I leave.

I'm sure they won't miss my money, that place is huge, they have tons of tourists and pros giving them a lot of business, it just won't be my business.

After you pay, you then have to wait on yet another line to pick up your items. I'm sure there are loss prevention and efficiency reasons for this, but I won't be sticking around.

Anyone have experience with their in-store pickup? If you know exactly what you want and you'll be in the area, maybe it's a painless way to pick up some of their great selection at good prices without the mediocre customer experience.

Oh yeah, and a computer I wanted to see that was in stock was not on the floor to be inspected. I was not about to wait for them to bring it up so I could take a look at it.

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