which one is to buy ? Nex-7 or A65 ?

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RussellInCincinnati Veteran Member • Posts: 3,201
why should a new photographer start with Nex 7?

From your own description, it doesn't make sense to me for you to start with such an expensive camera. Get a Nex C3, bare weight 225 grams, with the 200 gram kit zoom for $550 dollars. Prove to yourself that the autofocusing is not OK.

If it really isn't OK, add a $400 dollar LAEA2 adapter, you're still at only 425 grams for the body plus adapter, and add a robust-autofocusing 220 gram $50 dollar Alpha 18-55 plastic zoom. That is probably better at taking pictures than most beginners:

When you aren't going to be doing low light sports or whatever, enjoy the stabilized, light eMount Nex kit zoom. If you find you need more muscular autofocus, go out that day with the bulkier Alpha mount LAEA2 adapter and the Alpha zoom.

And you'll have saved a bunch of money to spend on more sophisticated lenses...down the road when you know more about photography, about your inexpensive lens' limitations, and your own needs and habits. I.e. "Later" is the only time you should buy expensive additional lenses, when you know much more about what you're doing, when there are more eMount lenses available, maybe more high-value sigma lenses, etc etc.

Am making this clear enough? Minimize what you buy up front, there is almost zero chance that you'll know what your priorities are going to be medium to long term. With the above scheme, you'll be able to buy into either eMount or Alpha mount lenses, should you outgrow your first kit.

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