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Mikael Risedal wrote:

The problem is that antivirus companies will have USD every year from small or big softwares companies around the world to approve the softwares

Perhaps. But in 30 years of software development, I've never paid any anti-virus company to "approve" my products, yet I've never triggered an AV alert. The same with all the other developers I know. Some of the big companies do send copies to the AV guys for testing to prevent false positives.

What often happens (too often, I'm afraid) is the software coder does something that violates "best practices" (like writing to the Windows directory or the Program Files directory). In the past this worked, but as security has gotten tighter these practices either don't work, trigger UAC (user access control) warnings, or trigger an AV event.

It is widely known that AV's have false positives at times, and this might be one. Or the code might be doing something that freaks out one AV, but is allowed by another.

Or I might be wrong and the AV companies might be scamming everone like you say. I can't say for sure.

I assume you run under a non-administrator user account, right? Because well-written software should run properly with a limited user account. If not... well... that's a sign that it is not written properly for the OS that you are running. If you use an administrator account, then you have a lot of the "safeties" turned off.

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