M9 has no lens correction for 35 Summarit?

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Re: M9 has no lens correction for 35 Summarit?

Olaf Ulrich wrote:

zigorus wrote:

The Summarit-M 35 mm f/2.5 uses the same corrections as the Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 Asph.


the evidence—fitting the lens with the automatic lens id detector on brings up the 35mm f/1.4 correction—seems to indicate that you are incorrect in your assessment. that's what I based my statement on.

of course, the camera and lens could be malfunctioning, or the lens coding incorrectly applied. based on the chart at

the two lenses should be setting different codes if the coding is properly done. the op can check the coding on his Summarit-M 35 f/2.5 and see if it matches the proper coding for the lens type. if it does, and the camera still brings up lens code #11874 rather than lens code #11643, the camera is malfunctioning and needs to be serviced.

but then again, i just checked my M9. there is no lens code for the Summarit 35 f/2.5, so you cannot set it manually. i don't own one of these lenses so I cannot tell what the camera would set on automatic, but it's quite possible that Leica found the correction for the Summarit is virtually the same as for the 35/1.4 on the M9 and elided the setting for that reason.


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