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marike6 wrote:

MasterOfGoingFaster wrote:

marike6 wrote:

So my only option is to buy another copy of Lightroom? I know it's not terribly expensive, but that's pretty lame of Adobe, IMHO.

So you can afford a $3000 camera, but a $75 upgrade isn't reasonable?

What I can and cannot afford is my business.

Indeed. I didn't mean to question that - sorry. I just don't grasp the logic of you saying Adobe is "pretty lame" for what appears to be such a small amount of money compared to the camera. But there's lots of things I don't understand.

Sorry if my response rubbed you the wrong way. Just trying to understand.

My mention of the Master Suite upgrade is to provide a basis for others to understand why I think $75 is cheap, and nothing more.

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