Comprehensive Fuji X-Pro1 & X-Mount Review

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Re: OVF useless??

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Yes, the criticism of the OVF is, as mentioned in the "caveat" section, entirely due to my experience with SLRs/DSLRs.

Well, I might also put a fraction of the guilt on the AF system of the camera as well, because though I love shooting with the X-Pro1, I never fully trusted its AF.

I do agree that for some modes of shooting like say, street, where one might be "shooting from the hip" to some degree, the OVF would be ideal, and for this Fuji does score some points.

I think if one is willing to go a little zen and leave a little to serendipity, then yes, the OVF is a viable choice.

With my own photography, composition is a really important part of my shooting. If it provides any frame of reference, I absolutely hate shooting anything critical with my D700 because it has a 95% viewfinder. I think the parallax issue with the OVF makes it a non-starter for me, among the focus issue, but that's just my own preferences at work.

Thanks again for the comment, I enjoyed your explanation. I may revise my review to include some of the points you've brought up, so thank you for that.


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