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Re: Is K-5 MUP not a true mirror lock-up?

brandrx wrote:

Harold Olivier wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

photodog25 wrote:

I'd like to see true mirror lock-up and not just a 2-second mirror pre-flip.

A very big yes for a true mirror lock-up.


I'm familiar with the 2-second method from earlier Pentax cameras, but I thought the K-5 had real mirror lock-up, as detailed on pages 149 and 150 of the manual. Is it not a 'true mirror lock-up' because the mirror only stays up for 1 minute after the first shutter release press unless the shutter release is pressed a second time to fire the shutter before then, or is it that the mirror has to be locked up by pressing the shutter release when in MUP? I haven't used this feature since I'm usually pursuing small rapidly moving critters which makes use of a tripod impossible.

I'm sorry to be so uninformed about MLU on the K-5 and would greatly appreciate it if someone would clue me in.

On the K-5 when using MUP you press once to raise and lock the mirror then within 1 minute press a second time to take the image. You can also use IR MUP. Press the IR once to raise and lock the mirror and a second time to take the image.


Thanks for answering Ron. My post wasn't clear, for which I apologize. The header expresses my question better than my post did. What I really wanted to know was whether the K-5's MUP was 'true mirror lock-up' or not, since both DLBlack and photodog25 seemed to think it wasn't.

BTW, the manual has a confusing statement on using MUP with remote control on page 149. It says "The shutter will be released immediately after the shutter release button on the remote control is pressed." This made no sense to me, and probably should just have been left out of the manual entirely. I assumed use of MUP with remote control must have been similar to MUP with the camera's shutter release button, and it was nice to see in your post that it is.


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