which one is to buy ? Nex-7 or A65 ?

Started May 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: which one is to buy ? Nex-7 or A65 ?

I really think you need to quit worrying about the perfect camera. The A65 and NEX-7 are both great. What is necessary with any camera is to get familiar with it and practice a lot. With digital photography, shooting a lot of pictures is cheap. You need to get some decent camera and shoot a lot, before you lose the opportunity to capture your kids. There aren't many bad cameras today, if any. What makes the difference is a photographer who knows his equipment and how to use it, and that comes with practice. So get something and take lots of pictures! I've been a photographer for over half a century, and today's equipment is the best ever, but you can't pick up any new camera and expect to produce great shots. Practice, practice, practice.

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