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Re: Looks like he split ...

Pentax_Prime wrote:

.... no, shutter speeds (and what shutter speeds a shutter mechanism can handle) has nothing to do with software.

MaxIso wrote:

i noticed this too, but i didnt take it as a shutter difference, but rather a software difference.

considering u can shoot at numerous shutter speeds on any digital camera, all determined by the settings u allocate in the UI, it is determined by software. a car's top speed can be electronically limited, and so can camera shutter. is the 1:6000 the fastest physically possible for that particular hardware? my guess is no. then why is it at 1:6000? my guess is for the same reason canikon has a very slim niche for every camera line, to distinguish.

ive read in more than one place that the shutter mechanism is the same as the one in the k5. im guessing 1:6000 is just one minor limitation put in place to differentiate the k30 from the incoming k5 replacement. at the same time, its better than most of the entry lvl 1:4000. the same is true with the max iso. if the k5 and k-01 have the same sensor, and the k-01 even has an updated processor, why is the k5 max iso 51k and the k-01 half that? bc they have to seperate for the market.

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