Delighted with the X 14-42mm PZ

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Re: Delighted with the X 14-42mm PZ

travels wrote:

If I knew i could get pictures as sharp as Jon's I'd definitely buy one (and the 45-175). Can someone tell me exactly how to test if I do pick one up? New to this

  1. Camera on tripod or other steady surface with OIS/IBIS off.

  2. Find a nice high contrast object (street signs work well).

  3. Take 3 pictures at each shutter speed between 1/60 and 1/200s. (Should be 18 pictures or so).

  4. Examine at 100% on the sign to look for double edges

I found that it didn't happen every time, even at the same shutter speed, so I recommend 3 pics at each shutter speed.

You do not want this!

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