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Re: Art center wantsphysical ownership

chapinphoto wrote:

I shoot a ton of phoyos and video for an art center. They are .

This is the second problem I've read about you having with these people.

a non profit. They are my friends as well

I hope they learn to be better friends

They told me tgey want full physical ownership of photos (copyright of course) if they oay me for a shoot. We r talking like 5 0 bucks for a shoot. Even if they paid 500for i dont think this is ok

The price should be the question.

This has been a problem with people thinking they can just use photo gor whatever

What would they do with the pictures that you would not want them to do? Unless they are going to go into the photography business, saying that they took the photos, how could they hurt you?

This is how i put food on the table im not an amatuer

That's why the price should be the question. I am not in the photography business, but this is a big issue with many people I have dealt with including photogs, architects, and engineers.

Personally, as client, I couldn't care less. If I get the rights I want in the license agreement, it is every bit as good to me as owning the copyright. However, a lot of people, on both sides of the transaction, perceive it as having some special value. Unless it is a high art piece, you're never going to use it again and they'll need new ones for the next event. Is the copyright even worth anything?

If they think it's worth something (and even if you do) sell it to them. What a great way to get a higher price than the competition who also perceives it as having a great value, even though they will probably never make another penny on it again for the rest of their lives. If photography (or design, or any other copyright generating activity) is truly a business and a copyright is truly an asset, it should be for sale at some price.

That's my opinion and it's worth what you paid for it.

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