Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Re: Uhm no, you are mistaken...

dotborg wrote:

MadsR wrote:

35mm frame is called, a 35mm frame...

It got the name "full frame" because it uses the full frame of a 35mm film, unlike half-frame cameras that used half the frame of a 35mm film (vertically, like movie cameras)

35mm film got it's start in movie cameras, so what you are calling half-frame is actually full frame.

dotborg is correct! The first Leica was invented as a testbed for movie film. Therefore the first 35mm camera was actually referred to as "double frame" as it was double the movie film frame.

Just to add some additional perspective to this very long running argument about IQ of film, and now censor size, 35mm cameras were originally looked down upon by those shooting 2 1/4 square, and larger film sizes, as "miniature" size cameras.

So this is a very old argument that has been going on since the beginning of photography. I would like to add this additional thought.

All of the current talk about full frame digital sensors, APS-C sensors, and now m4/3 sized sensors regarding IQ. What the digital camera world now has that the old film world did not have, is what seems like an unlimited ability to improve the light capturing capabilities of the camera. The makers of film could only do so much. But the makers of our "computers in a light tight box" have those lovely computer chips and all of their algorithms to work with. We're now seeing it in the OM5. I have done a lot of reviewing at the wonderful DP review pixel peeping website. It seems the OM5 is doing a masterful job of keeping up with cameras that cost 2,3, and even four times as much. You certainly couldn't say that about any of the cameras in the old film days.

Thank God Almighty for digital!

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