I vacuumed the dust out of my SEL 18-200mm lens.

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Re: No vacuum cleaner needed at all.....

Tom Hoots wrote:

Dirk W wrote:

I very efficiently sucked the dust out just with my mouth, strongly breathing in (having a cloth over the lens opening to catch the dust). It is important to repeat that some times with different zoom lengths.

I suppose that all "depends" -- I really vacuumed the holy heck out of my 18-200mm before the two big, offending chunks of dust finally broke loose. Indeed, extending and retracting the lens while vacuuming is also advisable. But anything short of a powerful vacuum wouldn't have taken care of my situation.

Plus I'd be weary of breathing moisture into the lens. At least with the vacuum you're not going to accidentally breathe back towards it.

Also, as weird as vacuuming out a lens might look, it probably doesn't look anywhere near as silly as heavily inhaling from your lens like it's some kind of new-fangled bong...!

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