Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Re: Interesting point

RoyGBiv wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

It could be due to a slighyl larger DoF or

switching from FF to mFT gives you double the DOF so hardly slight

It's pretty substantial. Meaningfully substantial. Tangibly substantial. I agree...which is why I think constant f/2.0 zooms for m4/3 makes alot of sense. It doesn't hit parity...but it the difference isn't nearly as extreme DoF-wise. And my goal is not to achieve parity; it's to achieve a useful set of shooting characteristics. The advantage wrt exposure latitude paired with progress in sensor response

fidelity...makes m4/3 a nooo brainer for me, if my lenses hit the right spec.

I think that constant F2 zooms would invariably be larger, heavier and a lot more expensive contradicting the rationale of mFT for many users. I quite like the idea of very fast primes for the specialist uses combined with F2.8 constant aperture zooms. But we all have different needs and wants and as a dual system user FF and mFT {almost perfect combo} i may have a different perspective

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