This is why I got the D800

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Re: to be honest...


Yes, I shot it portrait. The original stitch was 5 images with only about 10% overlap; however, I cropped it to get this 4:1 aspect ratio which includes about 3.5 of the images horizontally. The original stitch had full reflections of the trees, but I decided to crop it to make a better (in my opinion) composition.

uncletim wrote:

If you shoot more images, assuming 50% overlap, you will change the aspect ratio of the final pano. It will become longer with less height. The height actually stays the same, however, since there are more images along the length dimension, it makes it look shorter because the aspect ratio changes. I like five image panos best because that aspect ratio appeals to me the most. That assumes you are shooting portrait instead of landscape (to get the most height).

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