E-M5 clip-on flash FL-LM2 - tiltable?

Started Feb 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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fl-300r sucks for...

I just got an fl-300r, and it sucks on my om-d. You cant tilt it back all the way when using the viewfinder because your head is in the way! PLEASE, Olympus, give us a compact tiltable flash for the om-d. We shouldn't have to use dremels on your new gear to get it to match the capabilities of your competitors. Makes you look like you're not paying attention.

Kevdog wrote:

ChrisDM wrote:

I finally got my em5, and promptly took the dremel to the builtin flash unit so I could bounce it. It works, although my dremel skills are not great so the actual flash unit looks pretty ugly now. Output is pretty ugly too, definitely requiring some major positive flash exposure compensation.

After owning a gx1 a while back and experiencing its wonderful and effective builtin flash, the experience with my new em5 flash has been a real disappointment in an otherwise very positive experience. My brothers wedding is coming up, I think I'm just going to spring for the unsightly fl-300r flash unit.

Really? You don't like the FL300R? I think it looks better than any flash I've owned. And with the remote trigger it's pretty darn cool!

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