Hi, 3rd time out with SX40, and I GOOFED lol. Bird pics

Started May 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Cheryl Meisel Veteran Member • Posts: 3,021
Re: Shoot more, read less.....LOL!

LOL thanks but NO I can't do that one. Now I know that the digital comes on and how I will be ok. But with the digital you can SEE what kind of bird it is even if you can't shoot it. It's kind of like having a binoculars with your camera :). What I didn't know then was if you do the zoom again it went into digital zoom lol. Thank God I didn't find that out till the end of the day But NO WAY will I turn that zoom off, noooooo it's fun! And if I can't get the bird he's to far out I am going to use it!
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