Picture Package for PS CS6 Mac?

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Easy to create a Picture Package Template using a single smart object

If for example you open new document 8.5" x 11" 300DPI document. And Place in one of you 3:2 Aspect Ratio cameras portrait 2:3 images it will be rotated to portrait orientation and sized to fit the document 8.5" x 11" 300DPI size. If during the place operation change the transform to make it be 4" x 6" bottom left in the canvas. Then commit the transform the layer is 4" x 6" 300DPI in size the embedded smart object may be your camera's full sized RAW file with associated ACR settings. If you dupe this layer not via new smart object via copy. Just Duplicate layer it does not create a new smart object it just creates a new layer associated with the same smart object. The new layer has it has its own associated transform which is identical to the original layers transform. If you then move the duped layer to the bottom right all that changes is the associated transform. If you dupe the original or copy again you create a new layer associated the same smart object and an associated transform. If you transform that layer rotate it 90 degree and size it to 7x5 and move it to the top center you now have a picture package one 5x7 and two 4x6. Save is as a PSD file with a name for the picuire package. With that document open in Photoshop you can change the contents of the smart object using any of the layers and select one of you cameras RAW Portrait files you will see all 3 layer are re-rendered to reflect the content change of the smart object. If you pick some other size object then a RAW Portrait all bets are off. Save off a Jpeg of the picture package with a name that reflect the content of the currently embedded object.

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