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Re: Wake this guy up too ...

mhike wrote:

The reason is because most of the people here won't even come close to a pro, let alone sell anything, so they are spec sheet photographers who believe they need FF to be seen with and look pro, because full frame is the only answer, not actually being able to exploit a camera's potential.

I have a buddy who essentially started out with a 5DII and can barely use it outside of auto, thus his pics are complete garbage (ie: ISO 3200 in daylight?). He doesn't post process, believes only in jpeg and inflated his ego to the point that he created a production company of sorts based around his unsellable 5DII pics.

Oh, and he's looking to buy a backup for when he goes to photoshoots, but meanwhile, he's not even done a single one.

That;s the image I have of many on this forum.

CharlieDIY wrote:

Pentax_Prime wrote:

DLBlack wrote:

A low-end base on the K-30 for a little over $2,000 USD,

A low-end APS-C for $2,000 ... you've gotta be joking.

Might be some interesting times a head for Pentax with the Ricoh goal of beating Canon.

Maybe, but nothing from your analysis corresponds with reality.

What is it with the FF fanatics? How many times do they need to hear "No" before figuring there isn't one on the way, at least this year.

AFAIC, a FF is not needed. I have no trouble pulling two page spreads with my K20D. When I move up, it will be for other things, like faster and more precise focus, articulated LCD and continued tethering possibilities, not FF or immense pixel count jumps.

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Heh, it's like the Leica guys with twin M9's for their kid's soccer games. Always need a "backup."

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