GX1 versus E-M5

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ChrisDM Veteran Member • Posts: 3,097

I would agree with the controls versus the ep2, as well, but they both feel fairly "consumer" if you will, compared to the em5

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Each to their own, but I find the GX1 a rock solid build and quite like the controls and ergonomics. Much prefer them to my Olympus E-P2 actually.

ChrisDM wrote:

Having to hold the camera out at arms length to take a photo via the Lcd screen makes me feel like a "fake photographer", as you say, almost immediately. Having used viewfinders to frame my images my whole life, their abscence makes me feel detatched from the photographic process. Of course this is based on my history and experience, not yours, so your perception may vary.

Also, its not just the viewfinder, its the controls. The dial on thePanasonic feels like it belongs on a television remote. The dials on the Olympus feels like a camera. Not a coincidence that Panasonic makes Televisions and Olympus makes cameras..

drusus wrote:

ChrisDM wrote:

I owned them both, and quickly ditched the gx1 after experiencing thhe em5. Shooting g with a viewfinder is a must for me when using zoom lenses, or fast lenses when you're manually selecting the af point to suit the composition. Not to mention the much nicer dual control dials, in body is, etc. Simply a much better camera for a real photographer...

So I am curious, what if you previously owned an SLR, but now use a GF1 or GX1: do you change from being a real photographer to a fake one immediately, or does some of the real-photographer reality linger on for a while? If it does, does it make you take real pictures even though you are using a GX1, and then after a while those pictures become snapshots? Or does the real-photographer identity make you curse the inadequacy of the GX1 for a while, and then when you become a fake photographer you don't notice that you're using an non-real-photographer camera anymore?

And what if you touch a print made with a GX1, and you like it, and it feels real, but then someone tells you it was taken with a fake-photographer's camera: does the print suddenly disappear from your hands, or do you simply stop liking it because now you know it's fake?


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