Kid pic. tips

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Kid pic. tips

With all the new names here at the forum, it's worth sharing a few hints on how to capture kid pictures you are happy with.
I'm hoping a few of the regulars will chime in more ideas.

The most common complaint - "I just took the greatest picture of the place my kids were three seconds ago."

Shutter lag is a fact of life (for now) & learning to anticipate where the action will be & having your shutter half-pressed and waiting is the key.

I believe in taking grab shots when & where the opportunity exists and dealing as best I can with the problems in the digital darkroom.

I'd rather have a priceless expression or pose with a crummy background than a perfect background behind a very bored face.

You can gain trust by taking 'grab' shots and showing them the results on the LCD screen.

I learned some valuable tips a few years ago working a kids fashion shoot with a professional child photographer. She always worked with the same assistant.

They both spent most of the time barefoot, & on their knees, bellies, or butts. Get down where the action is!

The assistant wore a regular carpenter's toolbelt. Instead of hammer & nails, it had bubble pipe, ooga horn, slinkey, funny hats & glasses, & who knows what else.

We went to a birthday party yesterday and saw some of the same kids that had been at a Christmas party. They remembered me & actually asked if we could take pictures.

This one brings a laugh to everyone who has seen it.

I 'scrunched' them together as best I could, half-pressed the shutter, stuck out my tongue & made a face. I then knew exactly when to click the shot.
The sun was behind them & they were in shadow area. I used fill flash.

I have posted the orig. full frame (second pic below) to show how to deal with the bad background & how I chose to crop this one.

The photoshop effect is to select the group of kids with the lasso tool & use unsharp mask. Make an inverse of the same selection and apply the radial blur.

I hope this will encourage you to go out & experiment.

The orig. full frame


Coolpix 5000

Flat view
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