Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Definitions for you

Here is the definition of "full frame" from Wikipedia for you:

"A full-frame digital SLR is a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) fitted with an image sensor that is the same size as a 35 mm (36×24 mm) film frame.[1][2] This is in contrast to cameras with smaller sensors, typically of a size equivalent to APS-C-size film, much smaller than a full 35 mm frame. Currently, the majority of digital cameras, both compact and SLR models, use a smaller-than-35 mm frame, as it is easier and cheaper to manufacture imaging sensors at a smaller size. Historically, the earliest digital SLR models, such as the Nikon NASA F4 or Kodak DCS 100, also used a smaller sensor."

Now of course four thirds sensors use the complete image area of their lenses also, albeit smaller ones. The size is about18x13mm. But there is no "crop sensors" of the four thirds system, so mo need to differentiate what you're calling a so-called "full frame" m43, versus a cropped four thirds, etc, because it doesn't exist. A four thirds sensor is just that, 18x13mm. Its size is defined by the term, as is a full frame sensor. Additionally, "full frame" is simply a way to differentiate a 36x24mm sensor from those APS-C, APS-H, etc sensors that also use 35mm-based lenses.

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MadsR wrote:

35mm frame is called, a 35mm frame...

It got the name "full frame" because it uses the full frame of a 35mm film, unlike half-frame cameras that used half the frame of a 35mm film (vertically, like movie cameras)

m43 uses the full frame of a 4/3 sensor so we are also full frame, except for Panasonic GHx which are using less when shooting 4/3 (multi aspect sensor)...

Now the term however have gotten associated with 35mm full frame cameras and stuck there (because that was the first system to include half frame cameras alongside full frame) and in the digital world most wrongly associate "Full Frame" with 35mm 3:2 sensor design...

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