First attempt at using my new Einstein monolight

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Re: First attempt at using my new Einstein monolight


Nice job! Excellent in fact!

I am using a speedlight as a hair light with a tall stand. I also add a snoot to the light to give it a smaller focus point. I have seen some shots lately with colored gels added to the hair light, and that is my next experiment. Subtle color might be nice for a neat effect, but this would be something that is easy to overdo.

As far as the background light, I also use a Speedlight here, and have a nice portable stand with 5 sections (so that it is compact and travels easily) that get pretty low (2 feet high???). It works well with a hot shoe adapter to light the background.

I also just received an Einstein strobe this week, but have not had a chance to use it in vain yet! Paul C. Buff is GREAT to work with. Really impressed. It looks like we have a quick test shoot scheduled for Monday, nothing too serious, but hopefully enough to try it out thoroughly. I have been triggering with my Pocket Wizard Flex system, and I just added the PowerMC2 for the Einstein. I already had 3 Flex transceivers that I use with my Speedlights, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to go with the MC2 for the Einstein.

Good luck with your new strobe, and keep up the good work!

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