Any former Nikon users? Thinking of switching...

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Re: Any former Nikon users? Thinking of switching...

The Photo Ninja wrote:

Just wondering who used to use Nikon and their switching experience.

I have a d700 now any was thinking of getting the new 5d. From what I read it seems like its a greater pleasure to use than the new d800. Also, canon seems to support their customers better than Nikon.

Lastly, opinions on the 24-105 kit lens. Is it a good substitute for the 24-70, or not even in the same league?

I switched from the d300 to the 5d3. It feels surprisingly familiar in the hand with better IQ. It is lacking the AF-linked spot metering we are used to and it is a true pain in the ass to get used to not having it, but overall, I'm damned happy.

As for the 24-105... I've used the 17-55 and the 24-70. I'd say it's at least as good as the 17-55 but not quite as good as the 24-70, but then again I feel the 24-70 is the greatest lens ever made. The 24-105 is damned good (to use the expression again), better than canon's 24-70 at f/4, but not as good as nikon's.

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