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JC1306 wrote:

kamalpr wrote:

it says the camera will be released in summer. Does it mean in another 3-4 months?

If they mean summer of this year, yes. Then add another two months before they're actually in the stores, then add three more months for the bugs to be solved. Then wait a bit more for prices to come down to a more reasonable level

I find that prices usually hold for Nikon cameras at least for 1-2 yrs after release. (Do you find it to be the case otherwise?) I also got to know from a reseller that Nikon has arrangements with resellers so that they do not offer discounts and prices do not vary across countries. It means that being located in India, I just need to go to a reseller nearby and get the camera at about the same price as US price. Earlier I would tell people to get electronics from the US coz its cheaper there -now I wouldn't want to do that as US warranty doesn't hold true in India (and vice versa).

so summer 2013 will be a good time to buy a D600. Of course, by that time the first rumors of the full-frame 48MP D650 will have leaked...

Just need a FF camera for my ZF 50mm f/1.4 lens and D700 is a bit too old.


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