The ubiquitous AF issues....

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Try these settings....

THese are settings from Jonikon that have proven to work exceptionally well.

Set AF mode to AF-C
a1 - AF-C priority set to* Focus* (this is very important!).
a3 - Set to OFF.
a6 - Number of focus points = 39
f5 - Assign AEL/AFL button to AF lock only.

I choose the number of AF points base on the requirements of my subject.
• 1 or 9 points for static objects.
• 9 points for slow or predictable direction moving subjects.

• 21 points for erratic moving subjects (like hummingbirds), that only fill a small portion of the scene.

With this AF set-up, keep your shutter button half pressed so the lens continuously adjusts focus until you actually fully depress the shutter. Focus and re-compose is accomplished by pushing and holding down the AFL button after subject focus is achieved.

I hope some will find these AF settings suggestions helpful to achieve more reliable AF results. (Jonikon)


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