DO NOT buy NX20 Yet!

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Re: DO NOT buy NX20 Yet!

Greynerd wrote:

Are these untits made in China? I understand production is being moved to China and I wonder if this is a teething problem if it is a general problem. We seem to reading about lens problems all over the place for every brand. Made in Japan used to be the stamp of authority on a lens but those days seem long gone.

I have some Chinese sourced supposedly good quality stainless steel kitchen knives which are starting to rust and one has a crack growing in it. I wonder how much cheaper cheap is in the long run.

Ohmigosh. Me too with the knives!!! I bought a set of stainless knives 3 years ago and had that happen after I washed them ONE TIME. They looked so good out of the box, and supposed to be stainless. The jerks used non-stainless, and coated it with some kind of thin film or oil probably to keep it from rusting in the case, then as soon as you wash once... Rust!!! (then I read the fine print on the box: made in China.

I don't buy anything from china anymore if I can help it, unless they have major brand backing (like apple or samsung, some kind of warrantee) Especially not frozen food at the grocery or small consumer items a la Walmart.

They earned their shoddy reputation.

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