PENTAX, not support PEF format anymore ?

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Roland has bought an iceberg...

Roland Mabo wrote:

First we have the S-curve. You can't adjust it in the DCU 4 in the sense adjusting on the S-curve. What you can do in the DCU 4 is the dodge and shadows, those affect the S-curve and is easier for newcomers to RAW processing - but it doesn't allow the full adjustment of the whole exposure range as adjusting the S-curve would.

I have never, ever needed to use an S curve. Ever.

Sorry Roland, I won't be buying any ice this time around.

PS I have to congratulate you for your amazing skill at showing how the earlier version, inferior software exceeds the performance of the later version, even when the later version has more tools, useability and capability. I have never seen anuone as adept as you at turning every Pentax negative into a positive. You should be in politics or selling used cars.

I know the truth, and you've almost convinced me !

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