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marike6 wrote:

So my only option is to buy another copy of Lightroom? I know it's not terribly expensive, but that's pretty lame of Adobe, IMHO.

So you can afford a $3000 camera, but a $75 upgrade isn't reasonable?

Yeah - I wish upgrades were free forever, but they are not. And Adobe did cut the price of Lightroom in half. If you think about it, common practice is to support and add features to current products, not older versions. It makes sense to have your coders work on the current code base, and not go back and work on obsolete products - other than security fixes.

I have the Adobe CS Master Collection and I have to upgrade the entire suite to get Photoshop to support newer cameras - at a cost of over US$1000. The Lightroom upgrade is a sweet deal. Besides, you'll want the moire-removal brush and other tools that are easily worth the $75 upgrade price.
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