GX1 versus E-M5

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Re: Are you sure?

I'm a GF1 user and I too have been considering the GX1, as the UK OM-D price is still too high and there's currently £50 cash back on new Panasonics, including the GX1. Some of the GX1 samples I've seen have looked pretty good... but not good enough imho. They still have that slightly odd panasonic 'artificial' colour to them and pictures I've seen with the GX 14-42 lens have been unimpressive. Colours seem very soft and muted too in some samples. I really wanted to like this camera and was ready to upgrade but I think Panasonic rushed it out with no viewfinder or tilt screen.

I think it's probably a good camera for the price it's come down to now (about £400 for the body), but for me it would be a kinda sideways upgrade, and I'd always be thinking about the much better image quality and feature set on the OM-D, expensive though it is.

You're probably gonna get hit for vat on the way in buying from HK btw, but it seems a bit of a lottery.

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