How to get 400mm f/2.8 for $300

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Re: ClearZoom is just a hair above useless IMO.

tbcass wrote:

IcyVeins wrote:

Kriekira wrote:

Well if you wan to call it "missing," it's the fact that the birth of ClearZoom allows us to achieve a very high image quality at double the magnification that was previously possible.

This has always been possible with free post processing software. Simply take the photo, crop it on your computer and resize it to whatever size you want. The post processing method is far better because it allows you far more flexibility. Nope, I still say ClearZoom is a pretty useless gimmick and it is a far cry from a replacement for a fast telephoto lens.

but - reference earlier posts - does your free post processing software have access to the database of cat and brick images so that it can invent detail to replace what is lost in the cropping process?
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