Redoing my website. Flash or Javascript?

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Re: You just can't use flash, it's commercial suicide. /nt

To ANYONE contemplating a website rebuild/redesign... try to make it as easily accessible to the widest audience possible. Whether it's iThingy or not, you want as many people as possible to have the best user experience on your site- if they can't work it, they'll find a website they CAN work.

And that's without going down the road of seo here in this reply...

It's true iTems are a big percentage of gadgets used to surf nowadays.

Google still reads your website through the eyes of the blind however...

Lots- and I mean LOTS can be achieved with judicious and expert level CSS3, you'd be amazed how little Javascript is really needed, if at all. Pure CSS menus provide for multi level flyouts and drop downs, and CSS can be used for all sorts of visual flamboyancy.

As for Flash?

Oh boy...

Find a web designer who is expert at that sort of level (achieving amazing things with css). Generally they don't come cheap, those kinda guys. CSS separates content from presentation, you can apply a different stylesheet to your website, and it will look as though it has been totally rebuilt. Quickly and easily, and with no downtime.

One day you'll want to refresh the look again. CSS mastery, in the development stage, as opposed to writing inline styles at page level, will save you untold drama later.

Look for a webbie who can incorporate strong seo technique into the initial coding, there's lots to be said for doing it properly the first time.



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