Canon charging $360 to remove sand!

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Re: Canon charging $360 to remove sand!

I hear you. It does bite.

However, this is a full CLA, with parts, labor and tax, actually it is very fair. Given that you may have scratches inside the glass elements, gasket ... etc ...

It is $400 to CLA a leica M/M lens.
It is $650 to CLA a rolex/high-end swiss automatic watch.

so it is a fair price for Canon 24-105L CLA, and L stands for luxury

All the best man, Canon will take care of you, and your lens will come back better than before


Jasper in SF wrote:

Well, I suppose then that I must accept the reality, painful as it is.

Thanks for your reply.
'There is no un-suck filter.'

  • David duChemin

Which is too bad, because I could sure use one.

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