Success PC Port output on HVL-F7S (Sony NEX) without PREFLASH!!!

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not *necessary* to kill the flash's output, 2 of 2


fabianbono: May be because we remove the flash (bulb+capacitor), that battery saving is the same to power the RF603. But better to confirm....Warning!!, be careful where you glue the RF603, since you need to continue accessing the RF-603 battery compartment to modify the small DIP Switch to change the Channels!!!

Yes, that is an argument for limiting gluing or attaching things (example a patch of velcro) to the RF603's battery compartment lid itself, and nothing else. So that the RF603 body can still be separated from the battery compartment lid.

Will also guess that the number of people wanting a radio trigger, and also want to continuously play with the channel settings of the radio trigger once they get it working, is small.

fabianbono: Again, here I don't totally agree on the idea to set permanent the Flash On mode to brighten the LCD screen, since you also ALWAYS will block some ranges on Aperture and Shutter speed on your camera. (Hell yes, the Sony firmware do that...) This give you less control on the exposure in my point of view.

Am not following this problem. Have not talked about doing away with a flash-on switch, we have discussed using the RF603's "on-switch" in place of the hinge switch . With the mods we are describing, if you turn the modified flash off, it "disappears" as far as the Nex is concerned, and you'd have back all your autoexposure modes.

Would pay close attention if you explained a bit further the problem you are foreseeing here.

In general remote flash is so complex, it has never occurred to me to take a single camera body, in a single session, and constantly reconfigure it between remote flash use and autoexposure non-flash use. Of course that's just me.

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