Maybe it's not just the XP1 that has focus issues these days!

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Re: Maybe it's not just the XP1 that has focus issues these days!

There are a bunch of clowns out there, but he has to be one of the biggest. I looked at his site a couple of times. I found his shtick comical in a bad way. I guess you get what you deserve if you take his advice.

MPA1 wrote:

Hey it's a free world: just think of the crazies that get elected around the world to run the place!

Seriously though, all this relates to the massive increase in people now taking up photography as a result of digital making it less time consuming and so on. There's a massive market out there just waiting to spend their dollars and you can't blame people for using the cult of personality to get some.

With all this reality TV and a celebutard obsessed press, we live in a world where style and marketing triumph over substance and intelligence every day. I guess photography is no different.

In the days (so recent!) when the only way to get a review was to buy a magazine written by specialist journalists we could be assured of a reasonable level of technical and artistic competence. Now we could probably train a chimp to do it on line if we tried hard....

(Note - I copyright the concept of any primate-based photography reviews and will be bagging later....!)

JSTB wrote:

Why do people take Steve Huff seriously?

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