EM5- What could be causing this? Is it the IBIS?

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EM5- What could be causing this? Is it the IBIS?

I took some shots of damselflies and out of 5 or so, only 1 or 2 were reasonably sharp. The rest were a bit blurry, could it be the IBIS? Please see pics and exif.

All shots taken with 12-50mm kit lens hand held in a swamp (photos were cropped to show only the damselfly body).

I got this cam for use for field work without tripod and the 5 axis IBIS was one of the main features that I was interested in. The IBIS has been quite amazing and useful for when I need to shoot at shutter speeds as slow as 1/2s, however.

Or is this a focusing/out of focus issue? I shot in macro mode and used AF. This camera seemed like a dream come true esp for outdoors use or doing fieldwork or research work in places like swamps or hot, exposed areas or jungles full of mosquitoes (where one would want to just take a quick snap and get out of there!).

Also I have come across double image (object's edge has another edge like a double image but only visible when viewing at large sizes such as 100%).

I'm not really certain what conditions produce this problem as it doesn't happen in every picture even if the settings are more or less the same. I will have to test again using a tripod but it is a bit annoying that I can't trust the camera to produce an image without blur or double image problem (I'm not sure if this is even called double image?) while hand-held and in the field where I use the cam the most. will update this post with more photos later as i am on a slow network!

Been loving the camera so far until I started actually using it for what I got it for and noticed these issues.







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