New Celestron CPC 800 and astrophotography

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Re: New Celestron CPC 800 and astrophotography

Try . However, you may have some trouble with the CPC 800 for astrophotography since it has an altitude/azimuth mount instead of an equatorial mount. The latter tracks the stars in a single motion since one axis points to the celestial pole. The alt/az mount must move in two axes up/down and right/left to track the stars. This leads to a rotation of the field. That is not a problem for visual observing but is trouble for long exposure astrophotos. For short exposures - sun (filtered of course), moon, planets - this is not a real problem.

Hope you are able to do what you want with your new telescope.

AND, congratulations! It is an excellent telescope. I'm sure you will enjoy it very much.

You must take your wife out to her favorite restaurant!


David M. Anglin wrote:

I have debated and passed on buying a telescope because I did not need another expensive, addictive hobby. My lovely wife surprised me with a Celestron CPC 800 telescope today and it looks like I am off to the races. Can anyone point me to a good primer on telescopes and astro photography?

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