About DPR's camera review (not specific to 5D3 and D800)

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Re: About DPR's camera review (not specific to 5D3 and D800)

Peter 13 wrote:

davexl wrote:

That alone told me more than any review ever could. For example, conventional wisdom around here says the 5D MkIII is superior to the D800 at high ISO. I downloaded the RAWs, and at 6400 and 12800 the 5DIII needs more chroma noise reduction than the D800. And the D800 files look much better upscaled. I was gobsmacked.

So while every review site has limitations, they are still doing a lot right.

They compare the noise levels in an absolutely wrong way. They never understood that comparing different sensors (different mp count) at 100% resolution makes no sense. They did that mistake with the 50D review; they were told that this was wrong; they responded with some nonsense article; and they keep making the same mistake.

+1. That leads to many many misconceptions as seen on many debates around this issue on this forum. It promotes wrong view.

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