K-5 and its Replacement.

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Is K-5 MUP not a true mirror lock-up?

DLBlack wrote:

photodog25 wrote:

I'd like to see true mirror lock-up and not just a 2-second mirror pre-flip.

A very big yes for a true mirror lock-up.


I'm familiar with the 2-second method from earlier Pentax cameras, but I thought the K-5 had real mirror lock-up, as detailed on pages 149 and 150 of the manual. Is it not a 'true mirror lock-up' because the mirror only stays up for 1 minute after the first shutter release press unless the shutter release is pressed a second time to fire the shutter before then, or is it that the mirror has to be locked up by pressing the shutter release when in MUP? I haven't used this feature since I'm usually pursuing small rapidly moving critters which makes use of a tripod impossible.

I'm sorry to be so uninformed about MLU on the K-5 and would greatly appreciate it if someone would clue me in.


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