an old burr under my saddle ..

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Re: an old burr under my saddle ..

painterdude wrote:

If garbage shooters are given an outine of composition rules to follow that would "make the shots look better" then that's like learning to paint by numbers. The shooter can get an image that is acceptable to look at ..but its the book, or if you will, by the numbers ..mechanical. That being the case the latent tendancy of the person to shoot " crappy stuff " will always be there in the wings and totally unrecognizable for what it is (garbage) other than it doesn't follow some set of rules.

Don't worry. There is no such thing as a mechanical human being. If you have something intelligent to say, say it. It will be assimilated, but in ways you never even anticipated.

It seems to me in the end photographs are what WE want to take. Who cares if painterdude or anyone else thinks they are crappy or not. If it is ME ..If it is what I wanted to shoot in MY way, even all else find it boring is my vision and it is authentic..and is that not what photography is all about??

Sure it is what you want to take . But you'll never get what you want until you've the skills to do it. I'll love to play the 5th symphony my way but I never will because I can barely hit the keys. Your vision will never come across until you've mastered the tools of your trade.

PS: This is an international forum. Write in plain english. It will help.

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