Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Re: agree

Any camera system is a compromise in one way or another...

If you want the highest quality possible, look at getting yourself a large format camera - stunning picture quality, huge amounts of control but heavy, slow to use and expensive to process (nevermind the lack of digital options)

If you want something quicker to use then perhaps take a look at a 'standard' SLR - quick autofocus, rapid fire shooting, a smaller sensor than large format but also in a much more portable and practical form.

If all you want is something small and portable, then why not look to a compact camera - generally nowhere near an SLR in terms of quality, poor manual control, but a camera that is very pocketable and portable, and for many people still more than enough quality.

Everything is a compromise, and there are ever more different solutions and more specialist answers to any one persons situation - if you want to do slow, considered landscape work to print at mural size, large format film is unrivalled. If you want a camera for shooting sports a high end SLR is again unrivalled, if you want holiday photos then a compact makes most sense. For all those inbetween situations you can then look to other solutions - want something with the control of and SLR but smaller and lighter? m4/3. Want the highest quality you can get in your studio? How about a medium format digital? And you can keep on going for every new situation you can think of - there will be certain types of gear that will suit it better than others, but all systems are an answer to various compromises, you just have to work out which ones you are prepared to make.

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