Deer in the backyard

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Re: Deer in the backyard

cplunk wrote:

I like the mighty hunter!!! That's one big cat. Has it ever done anything to the deer other than look?

Actually, she's a pretty small kitty! The deer is small too though. While she does like to stalk them, the cat is friendly with the deer and has come nose-to-nose with several of them in the past - still waiting to be there at the right time with a camera in hand.

The deer in my yard don't seem to mind it being cut lawn with the grass only 2-3 inches long, I think it gives them a sense of security that nothing can sneak up on this hiding in the grass. It also gives me a better background to contrast against, along with a nice clear view with 300mm. When I move around them to change the backdrop, they often get a little weary of me, probably thinking I'm stalking them.

They still seem to find something interesting growing in there to eat. And they get a selection of old apples thrown out on occasion.

The tall grasses and shrubs seem to be a favorite with the deer, which is one of the reasons we keep them around. It does make it hard to get good, uncluttered angles when photographing the larger visitors, though.

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