Micro Four thirds is a picture quality compromise.

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Of course everything be considered a compromise

Of course everything can be considered a compromise but that's a relative argument and in the real world, relative arguments have no value unless you're doing it for the sake arguing or you're trying to have a philosophical discussion. Duh!

In the digital world, people hold the 35mm sized sensors as the gold standard to strive for. Yes there is medium format sensors that are even better, but how often do you hear people on these boards saying, "Yes I want a medium format mirrorless camera".

No. You always hear people saying, "I want a full frame nex." Or they ask, "Is the Fujifilm X-Pro mount capable of a full frame image circle?" Or they express disappointment that, "The OM-D missed the boat by not being a full frame camera".

AGAIN, in the digital world, the "Full Frame" sensor is the gold standard that many seek. I have yet to see a single person say they are waiting to buy a mirrorless camera till someone comes out with a medium format mirrorless camera. No, people want full-frame sized sensors.

And now there's people calling me a troll for coming to a micro four thirds forums and saying that Panasonic and Olympus got it right! Amazing! I'm a troll when I point out the negatives and I'm a troll when I point out the positives.

In the year or so I've been on these boards, these forums have gone down the toilet.

I think its time to find some forums where the people who actually use their cameras out number the ones who hold them as trophies.

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