Are TWO 5D2's better value than ONE 5D3

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Re: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

Someone else put it nicely... chasing a dragon.

When I stopped using my EOS 1N in favour of a Canon 10D, I thought how magnificent these digital cameras were... and then the 5D arrived, and I realised how lacking in so much was my 10D, so I sold that for a 5D... helas! on the scene pranced the latest and greatest, the 5D2, so again I had to chase the dragon... and now it is the 5D3 with autofocus to die for, dynamic range only second to the Nikon D800, almost the same as its big brother 1Dx.

But Cartier-Bresson just whipped his camera to his eye, barely had time to take breath and produced fantastic moments of captured life. In comparison to the all the D cameras today, his gear was one step up from a box Brownie.

Maybe the latest and greatest is all it is said to be, but one thing is certain - tomorrow it will be yesterday's model.

I am pretty sure I can never take significantly better pictures with 5D3, since it is my finger on the button which makes or breaks the picture, not the camera. I shall stick with the 5D2 until it breaks.

As for the second 5D2? I'm going to take my wife on a cruise which will give me far more pleasure than a bit better focus...

edit> > I should add that I take intersting pictures of people doing their thing, not weddings or landscapes for calendars. Maybe that tends to make my perspective a little different.
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