Wedding shot Oly 45/1;8, no heavy PP

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Re: We have been through this argument a thousand times.....

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"too much exposure"

Does that work for you?

No. Define "too much."

"More than optimal"

How long would you like to play this game or do you have a point to make.

Anybody with half a brain will see that I've already made it.

proper exposure is whatever the photographer wants it to be.

Most of us don't buy that B.S.

Ah well, guess practically EVERY food photographer is a crap photographer since the grand majority of professional food shots are what you would call overexposed.
Photography isn't something with rules written in stone.

and here are a few of them:

Rule of Thirds;

No False Attachements;

Moving objects Need Room in Frame in Direction of Motion;

Leave Headroom in Portraits;

Complimentary Colors are Harmonius;

Diagonal Lines Draw the Eye of the Viewer;

High Contrast Scenes Favor B&W Treatement; etc.

I can think of half a dozen more.

Would you loke me to list those too?

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But aside from the 10 commandments (Cecil B Demill) , aren't stones meant to be broken with hammers to build something else? Especially if a person knows how to swing a hammer? Even if we ain't got a clue how to build anything, hammers are fun.

and yes, the rules can be bronken successfully by those who understand and appreciate the rules and know how to apply them.

Marla's series shows either a lack of understanding of those rules (e.g false attachements) or an active disdain for them. I suspect it is the latter.

The only "rule " she seems to follow is "super shallow DOF" which she uses everywhere indiscriminatley which makes her choise of u 4/3 as a format somewhat puzzzling.

TEdolph, RIP

Instead of using DOF to isolate subject, some of my own favorite shots have had blown out (gotta be careful doing that), or very high key backgrounds to isolate subjects..just like using very dark backgrounds. Rather than using limited DOF. That's kind of the tablet I mean. Yeah for certain types of shots (maybe this one), maybe the heads are too close to the top.

My wife and I did an unpaid wedding for my sister in law. Way back shooting lots of film. I've been offered money to do weddings since, but there is no way in ---- I will. So anything I say in this thread should be taken in that regard.

Hammers are still fun, they relieve a lot of stress. I don't worry about hurting myself..zombies can't die.

Here's a high key of my own that I like. (the high key+some blur hides the garbage bins in the background - I wished more so) Tastes vary.

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