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Re: X2 -- Leica, Leica, Leica

Ben Raven wrote:

z's shooting style suggestion for the X2 is a most excellent way to put the thrill back in your photography !

Since you talk about your style of shooting being "with any camera WITHOUT A VIEWFINDER regardless of screen resolution", using the LCD only for settings will eliminate the low rez problem, and then, just blindly pointing the X2 in the general direction of your subject matter, without any specific way to compose, will certainly be an exciting adventure in serendipity.

Great fun will ensue in the anticipation, and enjoyment of, the total surprise that will be each new pic !!!

I believe that Henri Cartier-Bresson pioneered that style, or was that Ansel Adams ??

that's a dumb comment.

i use the M9's optical viewfinder. with an X1 or X2, i'd use an optical viewfinder as well, or an EVF (but i like optical viewfinders more). when i use the LCD as a viewfinder in bright sun, i do just what Andy does: use a dark cloth or other means to shroud the LCD from ambient light.


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