Pentax gets it...

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Really: I don't give a chip about that...

Framerate concerns are only valid for professional videographers who are producing for broadcast. Shooting your home video and playing it back on Youtube or on your TV doesn't need all these different frame rates.

Oh, and from what I gather: Pentax doesn't 'get it' at all. Where is the 1080p60 that everyone needs these days??? Not even 1080i60???

Really, there was an announcement today for a 4k enabled (yes, that's twice full HD) optical sensor for mobile phones! It's getting a little crazy...

Pelex wrote:

The new Pentax K30 features Full HD 1080P @ 24,25,30 FPS...720P @ 60/50 FPS?
At least PAL countries can rejoice with this.

Anyone else hoping Olympus will address variable framerates with a firmware update
(if it can be done at all) for the E-M5 in the near future?

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