Do digital sensors have a "native" lighting source or illuminant?

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Re: Do digital sensors have a "native" lighting source or illuminant?

Barrie Davis wrote:

Four channels? How come...??

It is my understanding that RAW files have only one channel... "Intensity".....

....the multitude of separate level readings being mapped into a crude colour image by knowing exactly which photo-sites are behind which colour filter...

... followed in Bayer sensors by full demosaicing done by carefully calculating the most likely levels for the respective missing two channels per pixel.

Sorry again, folks,

(I must learn to write good English)

Didn't mean channels in the sense of RGB, CMYK, LAB, etc. You're quite right - all that comes out of a sensel is a signal proportion to exposure. I was really referring to the previous poster's reminder that a "Bayer" sensor+CFA has the pattern of 4 pixels which would still sort of exist (so to speak) in a RAW file.
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