How will Olympus sell any more EP3s?

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Price performance curve

Having a lot of products with small differences and at slightly different price points theoretically help to provide the best mix for a bigger part of the market. That's why many companies have line-ups with products ranging from cheap to expensive.

Even Apple are doing the same thing now: introducing new products, but keeping the old ones on the market as well at a lower price.

BTW, the E-P3 is already down in price by quite a bit in Europe. I see it offered for €749 with the kit lens, vs. €1199 for the E-M5 with the same kit lens (14-42). That's a significant difference. And not every owner will buy the VF-2, nor will everyone wnat the 12-50mm per se.

Marty4650 wrote:

I think the big news about the OM-D is that this is a substantial upgrade from the EP3, at around the same size and weight, but with a somewhat lower price.

Right now, an EP3 with 14-42mm lens will cost you $899 on Amazon. The VF2 sells for around $220. Add in the new 12-50mm lens for $499.... and you have $1620 invested. But you can always sell off the 14-42mm lens for around $150, and end up with something somewhat comparable to an OM-D for $1470.

The problem with this is... an OM-D with that lens and a built in viewfinder costs only $1300, which means you just spent $170 more for substantially less camera.

Just to be clear about this... here are the improvements an OM-D gives you over an EP3:

  • Weather sealed

  • Magnesium Alloy body

  • More resolution 16MP

  • Capable of ISO 25,600 ... which probably means "works great at ISO 3200"

  • Newer sensor, claiming better dynamic range

  • 5 axis IBIS

  • Built in high quality EVF

  • Faster flash synch speed

  • Newer and better processing engine

  • 9 fps continuous shooting rate

  • A flip screen! Even if it isn't a tilt and swivel type

  • OLED 610,000 dot LCD touch screen

  • Faster AF with 3D tracking

  • Claims better video

  • Has an available two way battery grip

This camera has essentially made the EP3 obsolete. So how on earth will they sell any more EP3s, especially at a price HIGHER than an OM-D?

And... if they cut the EP3 price enough to make it attractive... then how will they sell any EPL3s?

This is probably one of those problems that Olympus is glad they have.
A product so good that it threatens everyone.... including your other products!

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